Brinland / "Roll a D6"

The Crystal Pool: Session 1

Amberline, a quest, and the Chapel of Pelor

The game opens in the village of Amberline, on an ordinary day near the start of Spring. The story quickly spreads that a Acolyte of Pelor has arrived, and is looking to hire locals for some sort of a job – and she’s willing to pay well.

The PCs venture to the village tavern to meet with the Acolyte, the Enlightened Sister Mira, who has come seeking the lost mystical holy site, the Crystal Pool. Mira’s research has brought her to Amberline, where she believes she may find records to locate where the Pool may be. She hopes to find and restore the site to its original holy pilgrimage status. Unfortunately, she needs access to the vaults beneath Amberline’s church, and Father Doral will not allow her access, citing the vaults are too dangerous and unstable.

The PCs take the rest of the day to make certain Mira is who she claims to be before going to Father Doral to request access to the Vaults. Initially resistant, the PCs convince the priest to go against his better judgement and grant them access. Mira tells them to look for a book, The Trials of Saint Justinian, which should hold the information she is seeking.

The group heads down into the church’s vaults, and begins exploring them. After several encounters with rats, a giant spider, and unstable architecture, they come across a boggle hiding in the vaults, whom they believe to be responsible for a rash of thefts in the village. The PCs confront the boggle and drive it off, claiming its stock of stolen goods. With still the second half of the vaults to explore, the PCs head back up into the church to rest and hand over to Father Doral church relics they found in the vault. The good father rewards them for their troubles.



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