Brinland / "Roll a D6"

The Crystal Pool: Session 2

The Chapel of Pelor, cont'd.

After resting the night, the PCs gather back up and head back down into the vaults. They work together to cross a treacherously unstable chamber before gaining access to the rest of the vaults and explore. During their explorations they come across a chamber haunted by the restless spirits of several priests who died when the church was raided and burned by orcs several centuries past. After working out a method of communication, the spirits request that the PCs find and remove their bones for a proper burial, in exchange for information about where the Trials of Saint Justinian might be found in the vaults.

After encounters with the animated skeletal remains of orc raiders, more rats, and the animated remains of clothing scraps (identified as a tatterdanimal) the PCs recover the tome and the priests’ bones, before confronting and defeating the boggle. The PCs venture back up out of the vaults with the boggle’s head, the bones of the priests, several more relics, and the tome.

Back above, the PCs are greeted by an ecstatic Mira and a grateful Father Doral. They also take the boggle’s head and his stolen goods to the Mayor for the reward, and the chance to return the stolen goods. Mira spends the next couple days researching the tome to try and find the location of the Crystal Pool.



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