Brinland / "Roll a D6"

The Crystal Pool: Session 4

Into the goblin-infested caves...

The PCs retreat to a hidden valley for rest, but they are discovered by a goblin patrol midway through the night and attacked. They are able to defeat the patrol before it can escape and warn the rest of the tribe.

The next morning the PCs return to the caves, evading yet several more patrols. Upon reentering the caves they are forced to engage sentries yet again – this time a sentry is able to escape, and the caves come alive with goblins howling, taunting, and chanting. The PCs press on further into the caves, into several larger caverns. Along the way they confront goblin warriors, champions, slingers and goblin dogs, before coming to the cavern housing the tribe’s witch-doctor. While the PCs engage in a harder, desperate fight, the battle is joined by several goblin firebugs, manically casting about crude alchemical firepots. After a long series of combats, the PCs are able to momentarily catch their breaths before venturing further into the caverns.



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