Brinland / "Roll a D6"

The Crystal Pool: Session 5

New allies, and back into the caves...

goblins__1_.pngFairly exhausted from their previous combats, the PCs take a few moments to heal themselves as Nineva and Slip search the two chambers of combat. Among the belongs they find several glass or crystal “gems,” each a different color. Surmising they may have a use later on, they take them, then the group debates whether to retreat or proceed. When the goblin chanting and howling resumes, along with the loud sounds of goblin pursuit, the PCs leave the caves in a rush, opting to return on the morrow to finish the job.

Find shelter for the rest of the day, Slip overhears music in the mountains and takes “Hoodie” to investigate. They find Tessie and Tanya, who have been seeking them out ever since Tessie arrived an Amberline and heard her cousin (Slip) had left on an adventure. Following Slip and “Hoodie,” they return to the party camp for introductions.

The next day the PCs return to the caves and attempt to ambush three goblin “sentries,” to no luck – the goblins flee shrieking back into the caves to warn their brethren. The PCs enter, taking an alternate route through some previously unexplored chambers before finally entering into the central goblin ‘living area,’ where they are assailed by a number of goblin warriors, goblin-dogs, a goblin firebug and goblin brute, all the while assailed by numerous goblin spectators and non-combatants who throw things, scream, and generally act as distractions. During the fight Tessie summons a pony, which the goblins, reacting in terror, turn their attentions on – and away from the party (The poor beast is savagely attacked by the terrorized goblins before it manages to crush one hapless goblin in return before the summons wears off). Eventually the tables turn and the remaining goblins – warrior and non-combatant alike – flee in terror, though some of them cry out “Seb!”

With the central area cleared out the PCs search it, finding more colored crystals. They move into an area of the caves containing numerous crude alchemical reagents while Tanya and Slip investigate the second goblin “larder”/refuse pile. In the chamber, the two halflings are attacked by a giant cockroach and a slime mold. The mold proves to be a dangerous opponent, engulfing both Ni Hao and later Nineva, nearly killing both in the process before it is dispatched. The roach proves to be a lesser, but more resilient, foe before it is killed.

With these areas explored, the party prepares to venture into what should hopefully prove to be the last few chambers of the cavern network.



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