Brinland / "Roll a D6"

The Crystal Pool: Session 6

Into the Vault

The PCs choose the eastern passage, a short passageway into the next chamber. In here they find a large sealed stone door, with empty sockets surrounding the symbol of Pelor. A check for magic finds traces on the door, as well as a dangerous ward surrounding it. Mira volunteers the idea that she believes the door is that of a vault. An inscription above the door reinforces the idea that the entrance is a puzzle, with the proper pieces missing. Slip realizes the colored “gems” they have found so far match the sockets – but the heroes are missing one last colored crystal, a yellow one.

The PCs venture back to the remaining passage, which opens into another small room with a pool, crystal outgrowths, more religious inscriptions, and a rope bridge on the far side that stretches over a drop into a water and stalagmite-filled chasm. Upon entering, Slip immediately notices a trap stretched over the center of the room, as well as a number of goblins and large bat on the far side, across the bridge and standing on some stairs.

The team quickly regroups, and Nineva calls forth an obscuring mist to shield and hide the party. The goblins initially fire multiple shots into the mist but cannot see their targets. Fearful of the magical fog, they pause uncertainly. Nineva and Ni Hao take the opportunity to move into the chamber and take positions to enact an ambush with the rest of the party to wait with ranged weapons to open fire. The goblin leader berates and threatens his underlings, forcing them over the bridge and into mist to find the PCs. The goblins enter the fog with great trepidation, before one goblin inadvertently stumbles into their own trap, setting it off and blinding himself. With one of their number screaming in pain and terror, the whole affair terrorizes the other goblins into halting their advance… whereupon Mercy, tired of waiting, rushes headlong into the chamber and begins swinging wildly. Chaos erupts.

During the fight Nineva kills the goblin leader’s dire bat, the blinded goblin stumbles, misses the bridge and falls into the chasm, and the remaining goblins are dispatched by the team. Tessandriel leads the charge on the goblin leader, only to find the bridge is trapped and gives way, nearly dropping her with it. Mercy, Ni Hao, Slip and “Hoodie” leap the 10 ft. chasm and engage the goblin leader and remaining minion. The minion flees up a flight of carved stairs, while the PCs kill the goblin leader in a short, brutal fight. Opting not to chase the remaining minion for the time being, the PCs note that there are several paintings and carvings on the wall. Two are religious inscriptions to Pelor. The other is a series of crude goblin paintings showing some strange creature that appears to be half-goblin/half-octopus being worshiped by goblins, with warnings that “Seb” lives in the room beyond, and will kill any intruders.

Slip investigates the now-empty chamber, and after fishing around in the filthy pool locates the last missing colored crystal. Taking the crystals, the PCs return to the vault, and using knowledge of the color spectrum to determine how to place the crystals and then cast light on the central symbol of Pelor, solve the puzzle to open the vault.

Inside the vault the PCs find several treasure chests, items of wonder and a stone alter upon which rests another finely wrought chest. Overhead hover two balls of colored light. But when the PCs advance into the chambers, musical high-pitched voices ring out to warn them to advance no further, and the balls of light drop down, revealing themselves to be lantern archons commanded to guard the vault. Lantern_archon.jpg

It takes some convincing, discussion, and demonstration of faith before the two archons decide that they will allow the PCs to rest in the vault. However, since the PCs cannot present the proper pass-phrase to the archons, the Archons cannot permit them to take any of the vault’s treasures. Instead, if the PCs can prove their intentions, then they will allow a proper servant of Pelor to take possession of the vault’s riches. The party realizes that if they can rid the Crystal Pool of the goblins, then they will have proven their intentions and the archons can depart, leaving the vault’s possessions in Mira’s care.

The party rests for the remainder of the day and night with the lantern archons watching over them.



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