Brinland / "Roll a D6"

The Crystal Pool: Session 3

The trek to the Crystal Pool

Mira is able to locate several promising leads within the tome – enough that she believes that with the aid of the PCs, they will be able to find the Crystal Pool in the Foggy Mountains. After the PCs have had a chance to heal and recover from their experiences in the vault, they agree to act as escort for Mira in her quest. Mira estimates the journey will take nearly a week.

The PCs take the road to the Woods, then out into the Hills, where they meet [x], a Ranger. He shares their fire with them that night, warning the party that he has been tracking a gathering of hobgoblins whom he believes are massing for inter-clan warfare. He leaves the following morning. The next night, during a raging thunderstorm, the party spies the silhouettes of a distant hobgoblin warband. The goblinoids never notice the party’s hidden campsite, and pass by without incident.

A few days more and the party enters the Foggy Mountains. Here they attempt to find the Path of the Dawn, the ancient pilgrimage path that legend says follows the original footsteps of Saint Justinian. Along the way they encounter several goblin hunting parties, but are able to scare the excitable creatures away with magic without being discovered. After a couple days, they find the Path and decipher a riddle carved into the rock beside it. Waiting for dawn, the sunlight reveals the proper path to the party.

Coming upon the caves that hold the Crystal Pool, Mira is horrified to learn that a large clan of goblins has claimed the caves for themselves and now call it home. She entreats the PCs to clear out the caves to reclaim them in the name of Pelor. The PCs eventually agree, then set to planning how they will approach the caves. They settle on a two-pronged approach: one group will sneak along the ridgeline towards the cave entrance and deal with the goblin sentries. The other will set the small goblin encampment outside the caves on fire and draw away the remainder.

The plan does not work entirely as anticipated. While the encampment is set on fire, the goblins protecting it rush the PCs. The other team descends from the ridgeline towards the caves unseen, but they aren’t able to silence the sentries quickly enough. Pitched fights occur at both locations, with the PCs rejoining at the mouth of the caves. After fighting their way a few rooms into the caves, they prevent any of the goblins from running to warn the others, but injured and exhausted, the PCs pull back and retreat to rest up.



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