NG village
Corruption -1; Crime +1; Economy +1; Law -1; Lore +1; Society -1
Qualities legendary marketplace, rumormongering citizens
Danger +0
Government autocracy
Population 198 (121 humans, 50 halflings, 15 dwarves, 10 gnomes, 2 half-elves)
Notable NPCs
Mayor & Constable Stevros Rath
Illuminated Father Doral Travisson
Blacksmith Erlan Umst
Innkeeper Uldren Emberbrew
Town Bard, Alvarin Windsong
Lionel Reynolds, Cartier
Bilby Fenroe, Magic Item Peddler
Base Value 1,000 gp ; Purchase Limit 5,000 gp ; Spellcasting 3rd
Minor Items: Potion of Rage, Scroll of Greater Invisibility, Ring of Brief Blessing, +1 Darkwood Longbow
Medium Items: Headband of Vast Intellect +2, Wand of Daze monster

Locations of Note:
Mayor’s House
Chapel of Pelor
Grove of Ehlonna
Stalwart Soldier Inn
Stumbling Pilgrim Tavern
Old Marketplace
Reynolds & Sons, Cartiers
Witchfire Hill

Amberline was originally a Cyraleese fort at the southern edge of the Empire’s borders, and a stopping point for pilgrims making their way to the Crystal Pool holy site. The town was named after the great Cyraleen General Amberline, who fought and died at Dragon’s Run towards the end of the Ten Dragons War. The area once held a fort on the local hill, not far from the adjacent Witchfire Hill, where a number of soldiers were barracked. Today, the original fort is gone – where its remains now stand has become the Old Marketplace, where old rooms have become merchant stalls. The remaining stone has long since been used to build the various structures around the village. Remnants of the old walls that once surrounded the fort can be found around the village. Standing on the north road that leads out of town is the weathered statue of a Cyraleese soldier, denoting that this was once a place of safety to road-weary travelers. The Stalwart Soldier Inn stands nearby, one of two establishments within town catering to visitors. The town bard, Alvarin Windsong, rooms indefinitely here.

The Chapel of Pelor is the second longest-standing structure within the village, but it has been rebuilt once in the wake of the later Orc raids that burned down much of the original structure. Today the Chapel still stands over the crumbling old vaults that once housed the temple’s records and acolytes’ cells, but the vaults have been sealed and locked to prevent injury to anyone who might venture into them. For a while a boggle made its home within them, venturing out to steal from the village before the PCs found and put an end to it.

The Old Marketplace is Amberline’s saving grace and reason for the town’s prosperity, given it sits at the convergence of several crossroads. Farmers. locals, and travelling merchants come year-round to display and sell their wares, such that it is not uncommon for rare and wonderous items to make their way through the marketplace from time-to-time.

Towards the town’s southern end is the Stumbling Pilgrim Tavern, a location more frequented by the rougher, and cheaper sort. Trouble occasionally breaks out here, as do some back-room deals. Mayor Rath keeps an eye on the tavern in an effort to quell problems before they begin.

The final location of note is Witchfire Hill, nearby. Standing at the top of the hill are several erect menhirs, carved with druidic runes. On some nights, particularly nights with great storm activity that seems to rise out of nowhere, strange lights and eerie green flames can be seen dancing over the top of the hill. The reason for these phenomenon has not yet been discovered, as it is said that any who venture up on the hill during these nights is never seen or heard from again. A local druid, the Bee Man, is known to visit the hill on day following such events specifically to gather stormberries, to be used in his various honeys. Additionally, Death’s Head mushrooms grow up here, so called because the spotting on the mushroom tops resembles that of a human skull or face.


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