Brinland / "Roll a D6"

The Dream Festival, Part (?)

In which key evidence is found...

After dispersing from the Kelburn’s lair, Mercy was caught attempting to make her way back through the marketplace. Judging from the blood on her clothes, the local law enforcement took her in, soonafter discovering the carnage in Kelburn’s hideout. After a lengthy debate among the rest of the PCs, Nineva went to the Sheriff’s and confessed to what happened. Both she and Mercy were released on bail, with Mercy leaving her sword in the Sheriff’s office as a measure of good faith.

Slip, Hoodie, and Dewdrop went to investigate Elise’s shop, after hearing of Tanya’s and Ni Hao’s meeting with her, seeing as Elise had been shifty and was definitely hiding something. Despite hearing the sounds of a small animal within the shop (likely a rat), Slip is able to uncover seeral key pieces of evidence, a bloody dress, a message evidently from Ismira to Elise, and Elise’s journal, which indicates that Elise and Ismira are indeed half-sisters, and possibly hags, who are plotting intricate vengeance on Earl Glasson and his family. They also discovered that their plans are set to culminate this very night!

After returning to the Inn, the PCs dispatch Hoodie to fetch Sheriff Kelner in order to present their evidence. Kelner vows to look into the matter and to bring in Elise and Ismira in to the jail for the night.

With the matter settled for the moment, the PCs rest before attending a friendly dinner Tanya has set up between the various Dream Festival competitors. As the dinner commences, it is shortly after interrupted when everyone hears the baying of some kind of animal outside. Athena is restless, as is Allegro. Moments later the baying intensifies, and the sounds of screaming and running can be heard outside the inn…



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