Dragon's Run

A landmark left over from the Ten Dragons War, 250 years ago.

At the site of Dragon’s Run is a blackened scar that runs for nearly a mile long, in which little grows. Stones that one made up structures lie scattered and blackened by a great fire, as do the toppled remnants of stone structures that indicate a city once stood here.

Dragon’s Run is the site where of the last battles of the Ten Dragons War was fought against the Ancient Red Wrym, Shamilth, Devourer of Men. Cyraleen forces under the commander of the great General Amberline (for which the village is named) managed to mortally wound the dragon after the destruction of the city, but it was here that the famous general met his end.

Today few venture within Dragon’s Run, believing it haunted by the spirits seared by the dragon’s fire. Four miles south of the site sits a small roadside shrine to Fharlanghn, the Traveling God. Not far from the shrine a series of roadside graves have been dug, along with a crude sign proclaiming “Guilty of Highway Robbery.”

Dragon's Run

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